PB&J sushi: The best thing since stale, boring sliced bread

There is no fear in this dojo. After all, toddlers can smell fear. I'm also convinced they can smell peanut butter. And the moment I start in on my signature sushi, they get a little wild. Not real sushi, silly. PB&J sushi.

Missing your state tax refund? Don't fret

If you filed federal taxes and were owed money, chances are you’ve already received it. The story on state returns, however, is a bit differ ...

Review: Nate Mendel proves to be a good Lieutenant in solo debut (Grade: B)

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl draws so much attention that his bandmates' musical prowess often is underappreciated.

Review: Clarkson remains idle with boring "Piece by Piece" (Grade: D-plus)

Kelly Clarkson has an incredible voice, yet, nothing special happens on her boring "Piece by Piece," released Tuesday. SVM Plan!t Editor Luc ...

Hummina hummina hamantaschen

Are you reading this on March 4? If yes, then, happy Purim, good people of the Sauk Valley!

Review: Purity Ring's 'another eternity' goes round, and round, and ... zzzzz (Grade: C-minus)

It's good to get out of our comfort zone, yes? That's why I listened to Purity Ring's second full-length album, "another eternity." Managing ...

Review: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds fail to soar on 'Chasing Yesterday' (Grade: C)

That the Brothers Gallagher have done nothing musically significant since the messy breakup of Oasis is no surprise. Oasis was well past its ...

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